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Virtual Programs

Virtual Classroom

While there is no substitute for an in-country experience, virtual internships and classes offer a way to: 
  • explore another culture
  • get unique internship experience
  • take courses not offered at VCU
  • gain invaluable intercultural, professional and academic skills
Virtual programs are accessible and can be quite affordable, allowing students to explore globally from the comfort of their homes. 

Beginning September 1, 2021, when you begin your registration with VCU, you will be prompted to pay the $250 Education Abroad non-refundable fee that is required for applicants to all education abroad programs. Please do not pay this fee until you have been accepted into your program and are sure you will participate.
You can add a virtual internship or course(s) to what you're already planning to take at VCU.
Connect with an Education Abroad Adviser to learn more! 
spring 2022
summer 2022
Funding opportunities for virtual programs:

Students are eligible to use financial aid towards the cost of virtual classes and internships so long as the credits will be applied towards their VCU degree. Please work closely with your VCU Academic Adviser and Education Abroad Adviser to approve virtual global class or internship credits for transfer back to VCU. Non-credit bearing virtual study/intern abroad programs are not eligible for financial aid.  

The Baldacci, Buerlein, Gilman, and Presidential International Education Award scholarships are all applicable to virtual programs. Individual program providers may also have scholarship offerings. Please visit our Funding page here for more information about these scholarships and how to apply.