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Semester Programs

Familiarize yourself with VCUs travel restrictions.

Check out this Navigating COVID-19 Abroad page for tips on how to navigate the current uncertainties of international travel.

Semester banner mainStudying abroad for a semester or full academic provides you with the opportunity to delve deeply into your host culture, and experience the full range of life as a student in your host country. It can also be the most economical option for many students, since it simply replaces the cost of a semester at VCU with the cost of a semester abroad. There are many different routes that you can take to go abroad for a semester and recommend that you begin with the recommendations below. You can also check out our program search tool and major advising sheets for additional semester options and connect with an Education Abroad Advisor.

When beginning a registration for a VCU Education Abroad Program, participants will be prompted to pay the following non-refundable fee. Please do not pay this fee unless committing to this program and participation.
  • $250 Education Abroad Administration Fee: required for applicants to all education abroad programs

VCU Partnerships

Program Location Area of Study
Curtin University Perth, Australia Most majors.  Suggested for HPEX majors but many STEM and Humanities course offerings
Macquarie University Sydney, Australia Most majors. Internships. Suggested for Business, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies, and International Studies. 
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Sydney, Australia Most majors. 
University of Nicosia Nicosia, Cyprus Human Biology, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Business, Engineering, Art History, Architecture, Interior Design, Dance, Music, Psychology, Mass Communications, International Studies, Law.
University of Bristol Bristol, England Science, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences.
University of Westminster London, England Most majors.
American Business School Paris Paris, France Business, Fashion, French Language & Culture
Freie Universitat: FU-BEST Berlin, Germany Political Science, International Relations, History, German language
The American College of Greece Athens, Greece Most majors. Suggested for Business, Economics, Mathematics, and Psychology.
American College of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, Greece International Relations, Business, General Studies
Accademia Italiana Florence, Italy Fashion, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photo+Film
SRISA Florence, Italy Most Arts
Massey University Auckland, Manawatu, or Wellington, New Zealand Most majors; Business, Creative Arts, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science.
Sant'Anna Institute Sorrento, Italy Italian Language and Culture, Biology, Environmental Studies, Communications, Business, and Arts.

VCU Exchanges

Program Location Area of Study
VCU Exchange: University of Surrey Guildford, England Music, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Theater, English, Economics, Business, and Dance.
VCU Exchange: University of Westminster London, England Fashion Merchandising only (for exchange only; for other majors, see University of Westminster)
VCU Exchange: Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany Urban and Regional Planning, Urban and Regional Studies.
VCU Exchange: University of Guadalajara Guadalajara, Mexico Most majors. (Coursework taught in Spanish. Requires equivalent of six semesters of university-level Spanish.)
VCU Exchange: University of Lima Lima, Peru Business and Engineering courses taught in English, other coursework taught in Spanish available as well.
VCU Exchange: VCUarts Qatar Doha, Qatar Art History, Fashion, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Painting and Printmaking.
VCU Exchange: Pusan National University Busan, South Korea Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics, International Studies, Asian Studies, Business.
VCU Exchange: K Arts Seoul, South Korea Arts, Music, Theatre.  Some coursework taught in Korean.
VCU Exchange: Kyung Hee University Seoul, South Korea Business, International Studies, Political Science, Sciences, Korean language.
VCU Exchange: Chung Ang University Seoul, South Korea Business, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Korean/Chinese/Japanese language, Arts, Psychology, Sociology, International Studies/Political Science.
VCU Exchange: La Salle Ramon Llull University Barcelona, Spain Coursework taught in English in the following disciplines: Animation, Business Management, Digital Business, Computer Engineering, Architecture.
VCU Exchange: University of Córdoba Córdoba, Spain (Coursework taught in Spanish. Requires equivalent of six semesters of university-level Spanish.)
VCU Exchange: Rabdan Academy Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Criminal Justice, Homeland Security.
Universidad Internacional de Ecuador  Quito, Ecuador  English taught coursework in Business, International Relations and Engineering
Spanish taught coursework in Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Tourism, Nutrition, Communication/Public Relations

Featured External Programs > (click to expand)

In addition to VCU Partnerships & Exchanges, students can explore other programs through our third-party affiliates and other alternatives like applying directly to a foreign university or participating in a program run by another U.S. institution. Our affiliate providers offer programs, including internships, in a number of destinations, their sites are another great place to browse options, see links below: We recommend that you start by browsing the featured programs below, although keep in mind that you are not limited to these options. External resources like or will have more comprehensive listings of programs.  
University Location Area of Study
Buenos Aires, Argentina Economics, Latin American Studies, Spanish.
CIS: Universidad Veritas San José, Costa Rica Biology, Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies, Pre-Health, Political Science, Spanish.
API: Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia Business, Communications, Engineering, Marine Science, Humanities
USAC: Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic European Studies. 
USAC: London Metropolitan University London, England Most majors. Internships available.
USAC: University College Cork Cork, Ireland Anthropology, Art History, Business, Engineering, English, European Studies, Performing Arts, Sciences.
SAI: Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan, Italy Business, Fashion, Psychology, International Studies, Political Science
SAI: Florence University of the Arts Florence, Italy Arts, Psychology, Business, International Studies, Mass Communications
Massey University Palmerston North, Auckland, or Wellington, New Zealand Most majors. (Contact Education Abroad Advisor prior to applying.)
USAC: Stellenbosch University Stellenbosch, South Africa Most majors.
Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea Most majors. (Contact Education Abroad Advisor prior to applying.)
SAI: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Art History, Business, Economics, History, Political Science, Spanish.
API: Universidad Pablo de Olavide Seville, Spain Business, Economics, European Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Spanish.
CIS: Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand Most majors.
If you decide to participate in an external program, you are required to register your program with VCU Education Abroad in order to earn transferable credit and in order to be eligible to utilize funding resources through VCU such as financial aid and scholarships.  You may register your program by searching for the program in our program search tool or, if it is not a program in our database, by completing an Alternative program registration. Complete this form to register for a Virtual Study/Intern program

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