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Intern & Research Abroad

There are many incredible opportunities to intern and research abroad! Some programs allow you to add an internship or research component to other coursework. Some programs offer standalone internship and research opportunities. Connect with an Education Abroad Adviser to learn more! 

Funding opportunities for credit-bearing internship and research programs:
Students are eligible to use financial aid towards the cost of internships and research programs so long as the credits will be applied towards their VCU degree. Work closely with your VCU Academic Adviser and Education Abroad Adviser to approve internship or research credits for transfer back to VCU. The Baldacci, Buerlein, Gilman, and Presidential International Education Award scholarships are all applicable to internship and research programs. Individual program providers may also have scholarship offerings. Please visit our Funding page here for more information about these scholarships and how to apply.
Non-credit bearing international internship and research programs are not eligible for financial aid.  

When you begin your registration with VCU, you will be prompted to pay the $250 Education Abroad non-refundable fee that is required for applicants to all education abroad programs. Please do not pay this fee until you have been accepted into your program and are sure you will participate.

Credit-Bearing International Internships

Internship Opportunities Areas of Placement Terms Available
ABSParis (Paris, France) Academic Areas of Internships include: Marketing & eCommerce, Finance, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports, Fashion & Luxury Retail Summer (must also participate in the Spring semester)
Sant'Anna Institute (Sorrento, Italy) Sample internship placements include: Archaeological Non-Profit/Park/Excavations, Architecture Studio, Contemporary Art Gallery, Marine Area, Aquarium, Publisher, Hotels, Teaching English at High Schools, Geology Firms, International Businesses, Migration/Refugee Organization, LGBTQ+ Association, Charter Boat Company, Travel Agency, Wedding Planner, Restaurant Marketing, Rehab Center Semester, Summer
SRISA (Florence, Italy) Intern in Art Galleries/Museums or in Graphic Design, Jewelry Design, Photography, Journalism, Marketing, and more.

Students have interned at Baby Bottega, MEDU, MUSE, NORA, Art Viva, La Serra MK Textile Atelier, and SRISA.
Semester, Summer (limited)
University of Westminster (London, England) Arts, Fashion and Design internships: Art galleries, product marketing, design agencies, fashion agencies, fashion PR, online fashion magazines, independent fashion designers

Business and Finance internships: NHS, EMEs, Law Firms, Non-profits

Journalism, Media and Film internships: publishing partners (Our Journalism, Cent Magazine, Young Film Academy), academic/fiction publishing, desktop publishing, print journalism, TV documentary production (scripts and post production), web journalism

Marketing and PR internships: advertising agencies, communications, corporate marketing for charities, product marketing, general PR agencies, SMEs
API  Search specific internship postings here (a limited number are even paid/include perks)! Locations include Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain Semester, Summer
CEA CAPA Education Abroad  Internship Locations (wide variety of placements in each): France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Australia Semester, Summer
CIS Abroad  Internship Locations + Opportunities: England (Business, NGOs, Humanities, Arts, Social Science), Thailand (Business, Engineering, Health, Humanities, Sciences, Education, Sustainability), Spain (Art & Design, Business, Communications, Education, Engineering, Sciences, Sustainability) Semester, Summer
SAI Programs  Options for many majors in Barcelona, Spain (Business, Communications, Education, Hospitality, Government, Fashion, Design); Florence, Italy (Business, Architecture, Communications, Photography, Fashion, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Interior Design, Performing Arts, Sports Training, Visual Communication); Rome, Italy (Art History, Business, Communications, Health Services, Law, Marketing, Music/Theater, Political Science); Milan, Italy (Marketing, Fashion, Communication, Business, Accounting) Semester, Summer
ISA Programs  Internship Locations (wide variety of placements in each): Australia, Spain, China, Chile, England, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam Semester, Summer, Virtual
USAC  Internship Locations + Opportunities: Italy (Business), South Korea (Corporations, Research), Spain (Hospitality, Arts + Culture, Research Assistantship), Thailand (Community Health, Research Assistantship), Uruguay (Business) Semester, Summer, Virtual
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (Brazil) Options for STEM and Education
Email for more information.

VCU Global Tech Experience

Starting in summer 2023, VCU will be offering the Global Tech Experience, an innovative virtual global learning experience that offers real world work experience through projects with global companies.  

VCU Global Tech Experience

Credit-Bearing International Research

Some of VCU's exchange partners provide opportunities for VCU students to conduct research at their international universities.  If you are interested in pursuing a specific area of research abroad, please reach out to Sarah Carrier ( for assistance in determining which partner universities may be able to provide research opportunities for you.
Research Opportunities Areas of Study Terms Available
University of Nicosia (Nicosia, Cyprus) Health Sciences, Engineering, Business, Mass Communications, Humanities
Opportunities for many majors 
Semester, Summer
CEA Study Abroad (Spain, Argentina, or Italy) Personalized research opportunities and independent study projects
Opportunities for many majors
TEAN (Auckland, Australia) Humanities Summer
EuroScholars (Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland) Options for many majors Semester
Arcadia Abroad (Spain, or the UK) STEM research projects Summer
SIT Study Abroad (many locations) Opportunities for students focused on critical global issues Semester, Summer
School for Field Studies - SFS (many locations) Opportunities for students focused on environmental research Semester, Summer
University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland) STEM Research Summer School Summer
Please note that this page contains links to organizations outside of VCU.  Not all are affiliated with or endorsed by VCU.