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VCU Scholarships

EA scholarships

The Global Education Office offers a number of funding opportunities to encourage VCU students to pursue a portion of their academic studies abroad.  
Randi Buerlein Scholarship
The Randi Buerlein Service-Learning Scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University was established in 2013 upon the retirement of Ms. Randi Buerlein in honor of her commitment to international service-learning. Ms. Buerlein directed education abroad programs to the Dominican Republic and Ghana during her tenure as a faculty member in the School of Social Work.  This scholarship is designed to support VCU students who intend to participate in service-learning projects abroad.

Presidential International Education Award
The Presidential International Education Award was established at VCU in 1988 to increase opportunities for undergraduate students at VCU to internationalize their education.  This award is open to undergraduates in any major with a commitment to international education.  

Airfare Voucher Award
The Airfare Voucher Award was established on behalf of VCU students through the VCU Office of Procurement Services.  This award program uses the Delta Bonus SkyMiles the university accrues and donates them to students to support study abroad.  The award is open to undergraduate and graduate students in any major.

VCU departmental scholarships

Other scholarships are provided to VCU students from various university schools and departments. Please review the full list of scholarships for more information.