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The cost of studying abroad varies depending on the program. There are programs that are cheaper than studying at VCU for a semester and programs that are financially comparable to studying on the VCU campus for a term. Federal financial aid, institutional scholarships, and more can be used to pay for your study abroad program.
Explore Our Funding Pages:

If you have any questions about paying for study abroad, please do not hesitate to contact our office at or (804) 827-7882. Our office is committed to ensuring that finances do not prevent students from considering international opportunities.

This portion of the website gives detailed information on financing options for study abroad. You may also find this guide from Diversity Abroad helpful for tips on making study abroad affordable.

Explore funded opportunities through the National Scholarship Office. These include competitive national and international scholarships and fellowships.

Note: Study abroad students who receive the deans, provost, or presidential scholarships must notify Kittinun Wongsirikul at VCU Office of Admissions, through email at or phone 804-828-6528, prior to their departure. Notifying VCU Office of Admissions prior to departure will ensure the timely disbursement of institutional scholarships.


The Virginia Prepaid Education Program — VPEP — will make payments to foreign schools that meet the federal definition of an eligible educational institution. Contact us toll free at 1-888-567-0540 to determine whether VPEP payments to a specific foreign school qualify under Section 529.
If the student is studying abroad through a program sponsored by an eligible educational institution located in the United States and Virginia College Savings Plan is invoiced from that qualified institution, the payout will be the same dollar amount that VPEP would pay if the student were attending that institution domestically. Any differential in the costs to study abroad will be the student’s responsibility and will not be covered by VPEP. For more information regarding VPEP, please contact the organization directly at 1-888-567-0540.
  • If you have questions about the amount of 529 funds you can take out for study abroad, please have your account owner contact their 529 plan administrator. Additionally, inquire about any tax ramifications with any changes in distributions for study abroad. 


Reach out to VCU Student Accounting to see if your study abroad program would be eligible for DC Tag funds. 


If using the GI Bill or any other forms of military benefits, these benefits may be used towards your study abroad. Please contact VCU Education Abroad at to discuss this process. 

Intermediary Billing Conditions: 

If you intend to use a source of funding to cover your study abroad costs that is restricted to disbursement to your VCU account only, like: VA 529 prepaid tuition, GI Bill, or other external funding sources, please read below. 
  1. Your host institution or study abroad program provider will need to invoice VCU Education Abroad for your study abroad costs.  VCU will then pay the invoice on your behalf and charge you for the invoiced amount through VCU Student Accounting. You will be responsible for having your host institution or study abroad program send VCU Education Abroad the invoice at by the deadline as follows:
    • Winter or Spring Abroad: Invoice required by December 1
    • Summer Abroad: Invoice required by May 1
    • Fall or Full-Year Abroad: Invoice required by August 1
      2. Once your study abroad invoice is received by VCU Education Abroad: You will be billed by VCU on your VCU student account for the invoice amount and              are responsible to pay the balance by the deadline. Please note that aid may disburse before or after your charges appear. 
  • If you use VA 529 prepaid tuition funds: You will need to contact VCU Student Accounting to have VA 529 prepaid tuition funds disbursed to your VCU account once the charges from the invoice have been posted.
  • If you use GI Bill funds:  You will need to contact VCU Military Support Services to ensure that you are studying with an eligible institution and to have GI Bill funds disbursed to your VCU account once the charges have been posted.