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Start Planning

During the summer, the First Advising Session will be offered through individual appointments. In order to request an individual First Advising Session, please email The daily First Advising Sessions will resume on August 24, 2017.

Start planning your overseas academic adventure today.  Tell your academic advisor that you are interested in study abroad so you can plan accordingly.  You should begin the process at least 6 – 9 months before you go overseas.  To find the study abroad program that best meets your needs, you should:

Attend a first advising session

We encourage all students to attend a FAS so that they are fully aware of the program options available to them. You must attend a FAS prior to an advising appointment with our staff.

Information sessions are held Monday through Friday from 12:30 - 1:30 PM in the Global Education Office located at 912 W. Grace St.

Attend a study abroad fair

The Global Education Office hosts a fair each fall and spring to spread the word about the numerous study abroad opportunities available through VCU. Students from all disciplines are invited to come learn about study abroad options, funding, and resources.

Fall Fair:  September 27, 2017, 10 AM – 2:30 PM, Commons Plaza, Monroe Park Campus

Students who visit the fall fair will have the chance to meet study abroad program providers, students who have studied abroad, Education Abroad staff, and travel agencies. The fair will also offer students the opportunity to connect with VCU offices that assist with the study abroad process.

The spring fair primarily features VCU's summer faculty-led and direct-enroll programs. At the fair, students are able to engage with faculty program directors, previous student participants, and Education Abroad staff.

For more information or if you would like to volunteer, please email

Research program options

After attending a FAS, you will be responsible for researching your own program. Ask yourself how long you want to study abroad and research the four different ways to study abroad at VCU.

The different options include:

Meet with an Education Abroad office advisor

Choose three to five programs of interest and schedule an appointment with an advisor, who will be assigned based on the geographical location to which you are applying. We will help you decide whether the program you have chosen fits your academic and personal preferences. Students must verify that the program is recognized by VCU and all programs must issue a transcript from an accredited university.

If you are participating with a VCU faculty-led summer program, you do not need to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Meet with your academic advisor

Be sure to meet with your VCU academic advisor to ensure you can academically afford to study abroad. Some departments have different requirements for their students who study abroad. Additionally, you must have a good understanding of your academic standing and what classes are necessary for graduation. It is best to discuss these things before you apply, as some programs have nonrefundable registration fees.

Apply to the program

Apply to the program after meeting with study abroad and academic advisors.  Note that each program prompts different deadlines and requirements.

Get courses approved

Get the courses approved to ensure you receive credit when discussing VCU equivalents for classes taken abroad with your academic advisor. Bring the course approval form to that meeting.  Please check the Pre-approved Course database prior to submitting a request to your academic advisor.  The courses you plan to take abroad may have already been pre-approved.

Register for the program

After acceptance, fill out the necessary paperwork to maintain student status at VCU and to transfer grades. Meet with an Education Abroad advisor to discuss details, as well as financial aid and scholarship opportunities.  Depending on your program, the Global Education Office may require one or both of the following fees:
$150 Education Abroad fee 
$100 Insurance fee (ISIC)

Attend the pre-departure orientation

All accepted students must attend a pre-departure orientation that will familiarize them with ways to travel safely. Topics covered include money, support services, academics, health and safety, and more. These are invaluable sessions that give students insight to living and studying overseas.